• Housing &

    With the help of our strategic partners, we are able to develop innovative shipping container communities that result in urban housing at less than half of the price.

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  • Enforcement &

    It is our goal to collaborate with law enforcement to provide training, as well as help victims successfully navigate through the legal system on their way to freedom and recovery.

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  • Prevention Program

    Youth/Young Adults

    The prevention programming, such as peer leadership initiatives, and curriculum, is a critical part of ensuring that our youth do not become soft-target for predators.

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  • SurThriver’s

    Our model is about survivor collaboration, leadership, and bringing local and national leadership together to be the voice of the voiceless on the front-lines; victim advocates.

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In a word…PURPOSE. Most live their entire lives simply reading of selfless men and women who helped to solve the greatest issues of their day. The SWITCH is your rare opportunity to take your place amongst the modern day hero’s who are stepping-up to set the captives free, and abolish the evil practice of human trafficking.

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Short Film Documentary

This is a documentary short from from "The Sweet Princess Project" which features Marlene Carson, a human trafficking victim who has become a beacon of hope in the human trafficking movement!